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Not just for the physical body.

Shoshin Yoga uNveils our natural state of peace and joy. 


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Shoshin Yoga poses are drawn not just from the yogic tradition, but from physical therapy and sports science with a focus on selecting the most effective and accessible movements available.

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Meet Ayla.

- founder of Shoshin Yoga

Shoshin Yoga emphasizes yoga's therapeutic benefits. Shoshin is a Japanese word that means "beginner's mind.

Shoshin Yoga is accessible to ALL regardless of age, ability or degree of fitness. The sequences and movements include floor work and standing poses with the use of the wall and props. Each sequence is designed with the intention of opening and strengthening the body in a systematic and efficient way.

Shoshin Yoga works to increase circulation, restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve the flow of energy–bringing greater harmony and balance to the bodily systems.

- Ayla Sarnoff









Ayla creates a space where wondrous healing and exploration can occur. Her classes allows one to open instead of resist, to discover instead of know.

Ayla teaches a profoundly effective tool to release blocks, deepen awareness and free the body through her own expression of love.
— Susan Davis

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