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What is Shoshin?

Not just for the physical body.

Shoshin Yoga uveils our natural state of peace and joy. 


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Shoshin Yoga is a therapeutic approach to traditional yoga that is specifically designed for all ages, abilities and degrees of fitness.

This therapeutic practice is especially beneficial for those recovering from injuries or surgeries, chronic pain, or hyper flexibiltiy. 

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Meet Ayla.

- founder of Shoshin Yoga

The primary goal of the physical aspect of Shoshin Yoga is not to "get a workout," but instead to restore and maintain our natural levels of mobility and movement throughout the entirety of our lives. I believe that this is everyone's birthright, so no matter the current condition of your body, Shoshin Yoga can help return your body to it's natural functionality.

The practice of Shoshin Yoga is a bit like a training ground for the rest of life. There is much that can be accomplished working with the physical restrictions of the body, but the real work begins when we start to apply the same attitude to the experiences of life off the mat.

The goal is when we become worried, angry, sad or fearful in life, for us to apply the same technique as in our yoga practice. We reverse the habit to resist and push away and replace it with the habit of openness and relaxation. In doing so our inner blockages are given all that they need to dissolve.

If we will learn to use it, each moment of life is an opportunity to release a little bit more of ourselves and let in more peace, happiness and love.                                                                                                                                           - Ayla Sarnoff








Ayla creates a space where wondrous healing and exploration can occur. Her classes allows one to open instead of resist, to discover instead of know.

Ayla teaches a profoundly effective tool to release blocks, deepen awareness and free the body through her own expression of love.
— Susan Davis

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