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Shoshin Yoga
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☆ Opening the Body Through Gravity ☆ Free Your hips, back and shoulders ☆

This FREE 3 part course uses gravity to gain the most amount of benefit from your yoga practice using the least amount of effort.

The more you relax the deeper the work will become. These simple, yet effective movements target the rigidity and restrictions inside and around the tissues and joints. Accessible to everyone and you only need a yoga mat and a wall!

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What is Shoshin?

Not just for the physical body.

Shoshin Yoga uNveils our natural state of peace and joy. 


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members Get access to 2 classes per week + access to the entire class library.

•Specialized yoga that works to open and strengthen the entire body in a systematic and efficient way 

•Recover mobility, strength and flexibility by targeting the tissues and joints

•Remove the blockages and restrictions that cause pain and limit mobility

•Free your mind from stress, worry and anxiety 

•Accessible to beginners and those with little to no prior yoga experience

•Full access to a library of past lessons between 25 minutes-1 hour long

•No driving. No parking. No stress.

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Meet Ayla.

- founder of Shoshin Yoga

Shoshin is a Japanese word that means "beginner's mind."
The original open mind has all the qualities of a beginner: openness, curiosity, receptivity, wonder...

Shoshin is a quality inherent within us. The practice of Shoshin Yoga teaches us how to use our bodies as a tool to become fully and intensely present in every moment. The practice changes our relationship to pain and discomfort, teaching us how to open and relax in the midst of difficulty and challenge.

Shoshin Yoga  helps to free our minds from the habitual thought patterns that don't serve us, and access the peace, joy, and happiness that is always already here. 



- Ayla Sarnoff









Ayla creates a space where wondrous healing and exploration can occur. Her classes allows one to open instead of resist, to discover instead of know.

Ayla teaches a profoundly effective tool to release blocks, deepen awareness and free the body through her own expression of love.
— Susan Davis

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